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Hello, Now it's been a while that we made an announcement and me and bronze are proudly glad to announce that this upcoming week or next week we’ll be doing a beta test which will require wonderful players like you to hop onto the server and play it and test it for us this will include on you receiving a free rank which we have not yet decided on which rank but we may just give store credit so you guys can choose on the items you want. This is honestly a short announcement to tell you guys that we’ll crush this server and make it the best one out there and with the helps of you guys we’ll ensure everyone will have fun. We’re aswell hiring staff please do register on the website and do apply now, And please don't put just a couple of random sentences. <3

3 months ago

This thread goes over the official skyblock rules, Please keep in mind that rules are subject to change at any time and you’re responsible for keeping up to date with our server rules.


Section 1 - General Server Rules

1.0 - You may not exploit, cheat, abuse, dupe or use anything that can be classed as giving you an advantage unfairly, this can result in a permanent ban and does include third party Spam Clickers, recoil scripts etc. This includes abusing developer error.

1.1 - You may not sell in-game items for out of game services/money. This is classed as Real World Trading and is against the rules.

1.2 - Rules are made to be followed correctly; abusing loopholes within the rules will result in punishment.

1.3 - Staff Always have the final say "No Matter What"


Section 2 - Island Rules

2.1 - Insiding, Or in another term Island Griefing is not allowed This may only be punishable if you can provide proof of the player/person taking your items.

2.2 - Usage of alts are allowed but wont be counted as a "Player" Or Be used within the "Payouts" Lying about the usages of an alt during payout can and may disqualify you from the whole payout system to the point of a ban.

2.3 - You're not allowed to Merge/Un-merge with island owners you're in fault if you decide to leave, The items will stay on the island.

2.4 - If any member within your group is found to be Duping/Cheating Or using anything to improve their island value in an unfair advantage that player will be banned and your island "May/Might" Be Restarted (This is up to Staff discretion) (Owners Can Over Rule)

2.5 - Alt on Islands, You're only allowed up to 3 Alts Per Island anymore can and will disqualify you from the payout and could result in a ban failing to mention of any alts. (Following Rule 2.2)

2.6 - Inappropriate Island Names, If an Island owner creates an island with a name that is inappropriate you will be warned to change it failing to change it will result on a kick or a ban depending on how many times you been told to change it.


Section 3 - Chat Rules

3.1 - Gender/Political/Racial/Sexual Based in the chat is not allowed at any time Or In Dm's

3.2 - Harassing a User when told to stop "Multiple Times" Is not allowed.

3.3 - Releasing Personal Information Either In Chat or in 3rd Party like (Website, Discord) Is a complete Permanent Ban.


Section 4 - 3rd Party Devices

4.1 - Use of X-Ray Is not allowed, A resource pack or any other method to X-Ray will result in a ban.

4.2 - Uses of Scripts is not allowed at all, Scripts to automatically run commands (i.e. /fix, /sell, etc…), talk in chat, move around, and give an unfair advantage is not allowed.

4.3 - Auto-Selling, Using an Auto-Clicker; Bot; Script; Macro - to Automatically sell items is disallowed, doing so will result in the following punishment.

4.4 - Ban Evasion Is not at all allowed and will result in an RFC (Removed from the community) (This Include using a VPN to bypass IP Bans)


Section 5 - Scamming

5.1 - Scamming Within Game is 100% Perfectly fine you as the user need to ensure who you're trading with no matter if they persuade you into it.

5.2 - IRL Scamming is at all "NOT ACCEPTABLE" Trading for ranks for an item in-game will not be allowed if found doing so punishments will be handed out.


Section 6 - Definition Terms

6.1 - Capitalization

Capital text, also known as caps is not allowed as it shows the use of aggressive texting. Accidental caps can happen and in this case, you will be warned through text, no punishment intended unless capital texting continues by this user.


6.2 - Spam

Spamming is when a player type the same messages repeatedly over a short period of time. There are different types of spamming and they are not allowed. Spamming to get attention, spamming deliberately to annoy others etc.


6.3 -Toxicity

showing unnecessary negative attitude towards everything (player, server etc.) for no particular reason. A person that is toxic generally talks shit towards a player to feel more dominant than them. If a player is affected by this kind of behavior, you are advised to do /ignore [toxic player] in game.


6.4 - Drug/Alcohol

Socializing and/or association with drugs and alcohol is not permitted on the server. This includes jokes, using abbreviations, slur etc.


6.5 - Excessive swearing

Swearing is allowed on this server but please keep it to a minimum. Using a swear word towards a player will be considered offensive and deemed as player disrespect.


6.6 - Racial/Homosexual discrimination

discrimination regarding race, gender and age towards a player is considered to be highly disrespectful and it is an insulting/offensive use of language. This kind of behaviour is unacceptable and will not be tolerated whatsoever.


6.7 - Advertising

Sharing server ip is an instant permanent ban, this rule applies on both discord and the server (unless it’s SkyHavens related). Advertising ANY server ip is not allowed regardless of what your reasons may be.

Minor offenses include sharing video links, random edgy links, social media, viruses related links etc.


6.8 - Harassment

Harassing a staff member or a player is immature and will not be tolerated. This includes the use of aggressive language/behavior or annoying a player/staff in general. this also applies to direct messages (/msg). Deemed as player/staff harassment.


6.9 -Trolling

Trolling is a deliberate act of a person or a group to essentially make other player’s experience unpleasant. Trolling is similar to harassment but whereas harassment generally target a specific person, trolls target a larger audience. They have the satisfaction of successfully tricking players to react negatively causing a chain reaction (other players joining the conversation, people start to get pissed off etc.) The more attention they get, the more fun they have.


6.10 - Death threat/Encouraging suicide

Death threats and suicide messages should not be used under any circumstances. This includes through direct messages (/msg).


6.11 - Staff Impersonation

There is no reason for you to impersonate a staff member whatsoever. If this violation ever occurs, warning will be given and if they are impersonating by name, they will be advised to change name (if fail to do so, the punishment will be 3 day tempban) or advised to stop if they are impersonating by text (if fail to do so, the punishment will be 1 hour mute).


6.12 - Plugin Abuse

Plugin abuse is when players try to get an advantage of something (island level, item prices, glitches etc). If you find something that is broken and doesn’t seem to be right, report it immediately.


6.13 - Hacked clients/Unapproved modification

The use of unapproved clients is strictly forbidden as it gives you the advantage over others. This includes killaura, minimap, autoclicker, autofishing etc. if you are unsure what is approved and what is not, ask a staff member!


4 months ago

Users Involved: 

Description Of Events:

Time Of Incident: 


Do You Understand Spamming Or Creating Tickets on a bug that is already reported is a punishable offense: 

4 months ago




Name of the staff you are reporting:


Date of the Incident:


Time of the Incident:


Description of the Incident:




(Please make sure your evidence is extensive and not just a 10-second clip)

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Name of the player you are reporting:


Date of Incident:


Time of Incident (EST, 12:00 PM):


Rule(s) Broken: (copy-paste full rule)


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